Wagyu Beef


Harmony and quality

Hitachigyu beef is the premier Japanese black kuroge-wagyu beef, imported from the Ibaraki prefecture off the east coast. We ensure top tier quality by raising the healthiest cattle possible, from a mixed antibiotic-free feed and spacious, comfortable barns resulting in exceptional taste and texture.

Distinct tastes and sought after flavors come from the delicate combination of marble fat and lean, red meat that cooks easily, and plates exceptionally.


Our Community of Farms

Our beef comes from some of the most dedicated, ethical farms in Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. Most are family owned, raising cattle for decades, and always evolving to produce better environments for the cattle.


What is Hitachigyu?

Hitachigyu beef comes from meticulously raised Japanese Black cattle, aged 30 months using only the highest quality, locally grown feed to ensure premier quality flavor and texture. In order for beef to be considered Hitachigyu, it must achieve a grade of A5 or A4.

The Hitachi province, now the Ibaraki Prefecture, is home to historic agricultural developments, stretching along the eastern edge prefecture, boarding the Pacific Ocean. The soil here thrives with natural environs and a year-round mild climate makes for an ideal combination for nurturing high-quality, superior cattle.


Ibaraki Prefecture have been blessed with rich abundance in nature for many, many years now. The sea and mountainous natural resources and products have provided sufficient provision for the local people since the olden times. Within the last 300 to 400 years, Ibaraki have greatly prospered as the center of politics, economics and culture throughout the region. Many historical buildings and cultural properties are still left intact despite the continous modern development; which allows everyone to enjoy the culture and architecture from both the past and present.